Friday, July 11, 2008

5 Real Causes For Baldness

It's not rocket science trying to find out why you're losing your hair. You may be surprised to find out that it's more than likely not the reason for why you think it may be coming out.

There are really only 5 real causes for baldness that can if not be eliminated, certainly controlled.


Sickness and illness can certainly cause one to lose their precious hair. Of course this type of cause is only temporary and a person shouldn't really panic or get overly anxious about any hair that may fall out as a result of being sick.

Also too their are some skin and scalp infections in particular that can lead to hair loss. Dandruff most certainly can cause you to go bald. Why? It blocks your pores and follicle roots from receiving all necessary space they need to grow hair.


This may have seemed like an obvious one to you since you are probably familiar with the look that most cancer patients have to sport. This is all due to the fact that when a patient takes chemo drugs, these drugs attack not only the bad cells but also the good ones. And yes healthy hair cells are most definitely affected by this treatment.

Lack of Nutrients

You are what you eat and if your hair doesn't eat then it dies. Also your hair is only as good as the nutrients your body receives. This means that if you're a fast food junky and you're wanting to regrow hair, forget it. You'll never see any real changes unless you change your diet.

My suggestion is to incorporate certain minerals and vitamins essential to hair growth into your diet. These may include vitmain B, biotin, magnesium, nettle root, and even saw palmetto.

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Exposure To Heat

Not many realize this when they go out for summer fun but over-exposure to heat can certainly cause baldness to take place. Even the use of blow dryers can can have the same ending results. Avoid overuse of both factors and you will be fine.

Hormonal Imbalances

This usually affects women more so than anyone else. Women usually after 3 months of giving birth to a child find that their hair is coming out very fast. If this sounds anything like you, don't be alarmed. Once your body's natural process catches up, you will retain and regrow that hair back.