Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Hair Loss Product That Worked For Me

Everyone suffering from hair loss wants to know what's a hair loss product that works? Well while I can't sit here and tell you everything about every product out there since some work and some don't, let me tell you about one that has worked for me personally.

It's called Provillus and it comes in a two-part set. You get a hair loss vitamin supplement that's packed with a ton of herbs like pumpkin seed, magnesium, nettle root, and more that all aid in regrowing hair and stimulating the follicles.

Then the other half of this is a topical solution with the combination of a few vitamins and minerals and the leading FDA approved ingredient for treating baldness, minoxidil.

What you will have to do is take two capsules per day and apply the solution to the scalp in all thinning areas twice a day. Preferably morning and at night before bedtime. Unlike a lot of solutions for hair loss, this liquid solution isn't greasy or oily and it dries really fast.

Just be sure to wash your hands after applying it to your scalp, which is a no-brainer. Many other people like myself can't believe how well Provillus actually works to end hair loss.

I have dedicated this site especially to Provillus as well as a few other sources for remedies for baldness that have aided in my ability to regrow a full head of hair again.

I've found the longer you procrastinate and put off using the right hair loss product, the more hair you'll lose so give this stuff a try, you won't regret it.

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