Monday, July 7, 2008

Baldness Remedies - Which Ones To Use For Best Results

Okay so you're noticing that your hair is falling out at a faster and faster pace. What do you do in order to make it stop? If this has already happened to you, what can you do to stimulate hair growth and retain the hair that you have?

These are the type of questions everyone who is losing hair often ask themselves. The answer is found in the use of baldness remedies. I often have people tell me that it's not possible to regrow hair with the use of natural healing ingredients like herbs, vitamins, and minerals.

I guess the reason why people feel that these natural substances aren't effective for hair loss is because they aren't chemically based with all of that strong, dangerous stuff that causes side effects.

Many are finding that when they start using products like Rogaine that are supposedly baldness remedies, they often start to get headaches, muscle aches, nausea, upset stomach, and even low sex drive.

I myself experienced the same negative effects. I even tried using Propecia since I've heard so much talk about how well it works. My hair didn't grow back and all I got were really bad side effects. Some affected a part of my life that I'm not going to relay to you, but you can guess where I'm going.

So my thing to you is that if you want to make your hair grow back, you first must put to use some things like Saw Palmetto and Vitamin B. Both are excellent defenses against the hormone DHT. For those of you who don't know what DHT is, it's a hormone given off by testosterone and it kills hair follicles like clockwork.

Ever see that guy with the receding hair line, yep, his DHT levels are high. The most effective, natural way to take care of the problem is to take 1,500 mg of saw palmetto every single day without letup.

My suggestion is to spread this out over a day's time. So if you find 300mg capsules of it, take two in the morning, two in the afternoon, and one at bedtime. Many other baldness remedies exist and they work very very well.