Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Women Can Beat Baldness As Well

Many guys know that the possibility of going bald and losing hair is always there for them. It's something that men just readily accept as being a future chance.

A lot of women are having to deal with the reality of loss of hair too. Many cut, dye, and spend a lot of time in the salon trying to get their hair just right. They almost never expect baldness to affect them.

However this wasn't the case for a lady name Zelda Hildebrandt. At age 21 she started to see thinning hair take place. She told ABC.com that she tried everything possible to cover up her balding situation.

The use of scarfs, combovers, and many other ways of hiding hair loss was her typical routine. It affected her self-esteem greatly and she knew there had to be something she could do to counter this problem.

She got hair transplants just last winter and now she's concerned that her daughters will have to go through this agonizing thing as well.

After hearing about the Hair D-X genetic test for female baldness, she and her daughters went to the Bosley center to get the test done. A man's genetic background is one of the main reasons he may lose hair, but it's completely different for a woman.

Female baldness can take on so many causes such as thyroid problems, anemia, skin conditions, and of course genetics.

This Bosley screening test isn't cheap. It's $149 but it will let any woman know their chances of losing hair so that they can start early to prevent baldness from taking place.

This Hair D-X test boasts as being 95% accurate even though no studies have proved this to be a true figure.