Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Finding Natural Baldness Remedies

The struggle to end hair loss is seemingly an ongoing process. Some find it very expensive to manage keeping a great head of hair while others just give up totally. What have you been doing to solve this problem?

No doubt you've been scouring the web looking for a solution. After all you came to this site. Let me just tell you that one of the best ways to regrow your hair is to seek out natural baldness remedies.

It isn't hard to regrow your hair naturally. A lot of people get the misconception that herbal hair loss pills and other forms of balding products just aren't as effective as some of the major leading brands and forms of treatments for baldness.

Well that's just plain old nonsense. I'm personally a living proof that this concept totally works. I once struggled to end my hair loss problem and let me tell you, natural baldness remedies work.

One that you can apply easily today is going to be saw palmetto along with the use of some particular vitamins and minerals that we will discuss shortly. What saw palmetto does if you didn't know already, is block the hormone that causes you to have that receding hair line.

Many dermatologists suggest that you take at least 1,500 mg of it to effectively block the hormone. You can locate saw palmetto in almost in pharmacy nationwide, and it's cheap. It's just one of the few remedies available to you right now.

Side effects? None have been reported through the use of saw palmetto. This is a good thing because a lot of products like Rogaine and Propecia have some really dreaded side effects that can make regrowing your hair damaging to your health.

Natural baldness remedies almost never cause side effects. In fact they work a lot better than many other more expensive forms of treatments for hair loss.

One great product that I just have to let you in on is Provillus. It's a commercialized product, but it's packed with some of the best natural ingredients for promoting hair growth that you can find.