Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Stop Lifting Weights To Regrow Hair

If you're looking for more hair on your head, you may be surprised to know that your workout could be the cause of the problem. This has been researched by a few British scientists and they say it is due to the increase of testosterone which is produced during intense workouts.

Not only are men with hair loss affected by this, but they say even women are prone to start having thinner hair due to their workouts as well. It all makes sense really when you think about. We need exercise in order to keep ourselves physically fit and healthy, but the bad side is that we may have to sacrifice losing some hair.

The leading cause of baldness in most males is due to a hormone called dihydrostestosterone or DHT. It is produced from an enzyme called 5 alpha-reductase and is given off by testosterone.

This means that a little exercise for 30 minutes will build up your testosterone level, and when you're cooling down it gets converted into DHT.

Whether this is totally true or not, or even if it really poses a threat to hair growth still remains suspect. I personally workout and I'm on a regimen to help promote hair growth myself.

I'm not going to quit just because a few folks say it might be a reason for baldness. DHT has been found to be a POSSIBLE reason, but scientists still haven't been able to uncover the whole truth behind why we start balding.