Thursday, July 3, 2008

Leave The Country For A Hair Transplant

Okay so you're losing your hair and you're looking for a hair regrowth treatment that will hopefully get some of that hair back. You could literally spend all day scouring the web for various hair loss products and options.

Maybe you have already made your mind up that you want to get a hair transplant. Where will you decide to get it done at? It may not have ever crossed your mind but most scalp surgeries such as this aren't covered on many people's insurance plans. They are often viewed as a cosmetic treatment that leaves some paying out-of-pocket.

You may want to consider going out of the country to get this done. Right now India is a very liable candidate. Don't think that this third world country is where a lot of the poor live and that their healthcare is lame. Totally not true. In fact recent reports show that India has one of the highest quality healthcare in the world!

Many of their doctors and surgeons get their training from the US and the UK. One in particular that is known for its many surgeries like breast reduction, tummy tucks, and hair transplants is Tour 2 India 4 Health. Ever heard of it?

Probably not, but they are a very popular agency for foreigners in India. What they will do is make plans for those who are planning on having surgery out of country and they charge 30% less than what you would have to pay for hair loss treatment in other major countries like the United States.

If you want you can actually see pictures of their clients and their work by going to No need to worry, this is a 5 star facility run by top surgeons.

Getting a procedure like this is very costly. Many are finding alternative solutions to help fix their baldness problem. Maybe you should too. Or if you've tried with other things and didn't see an increase in hair growth, their are other hair loss treatment options available.